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Celebrating 7 weeks of clean eating

So, wow, time really does fly. I can’t believe that my life, the way I eat and feel could change so much in such a short period of time. I eat a low calorie clean diet, I have come to realize that I don’t have to eat foods that I don’t like, I find myself celebrating cooking fresh, having veggies, finding amazing organic produce and it all tastes so unbelievably good! I don’t feel like my diet is depriving me of anything - the other way around I now ENJOY all the food that I eat and that’s amazing. Every snack I have, all the treats, I have made in my own kitchen, stuffing my freezer full off healthy muffins, cookies and things I love. Preparing salads, and chillies and stirfrys and fresh fruit. Yes, I do spend more time in my kitchen, but I spend LESS time wandering around the store trying to figure out what to eat and preparing semi-processed crappy food. When you become aware of what you eat, it’s inevitably so that you change. I had one semi processed meal a while back, and really, it tasted like crap! I was so surprised, the taste was old and salty and.. I missed my fresh red bellpeeppers and dessert cherries. :)

To all of you out there, trying to find your way in the world of health and weight loss and good living, I can highly recommend you to try out a change, get curious about your food, what does it contain? Where was it produced? Get into you kitchen and start cooking things that you love and really enjoy! If you don’t like it, nothing lost and you can go back to your old ways.

Oh, maybe you wonder, all that is fine. But did it render any weightloss results? Yes, it did, since I have kept a low calorie diet I have lost about 20 lbs. There are tons of ways that you can loose weight, not all of them work for all of us, but learning and taking an intresst in food is not just about lifestyle and weightless, it’s about awareness and treating yourself with care. Body and mind.

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