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I’m done with my finals

The end result was me sleeping for 15 hours straight. Seriously, who does that? Me apparently. I feel kind of exhausted, I need to get some good food in me and start working out and I’ll feel better in no time. :)


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Dinner tonight was…


0.5 avocado with sour cream and shrimps

1h of off ice training

1,5 hours of figure skating

0.5 banana with walnuts and almond milk


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I have come to realize…

That the only treat-food I can keep at home is dark chocolate, at least 70 %. I can truly not handle cookies or baked things because I will eat them all. It will be the first thing I’ll think of when I wake up, I’ll watch tv and know exactly where they are, in the cupboard waiting to be eaten. And I, will eat them all when i start.

The force is strong with them, the cookies.

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When life gets crazy…

It’s really hard to eat right. Really. My days have been hospital->Sleep->Wakeup->Inhale smoothie->Hospital->Home, study, tea ->Sleap and repeat. I actually don’t have time to workout right now and it sucks, but face it. It takes a couple of hours each day to cook and workout so, right now, I do the best of the situation. Some great things to do when life get’s crazy:

- Bike wherever you are going, I usually do this but right now it’s the only workout I get. Better then nothing!

- Eat quick and healthy, pre made smoothies, fruits and anything healthy that comes in a bag, protein bars (I generally don’t like them but hey, they fit in my scrubs, and I can eat them whenever. Better then vending machine crap when desperate.) Make sure you try to eat regularly. I usually keep an emergency stash of dark chocolate as well, and it comes in very handy now and then.

- Keep frozen leftovers that you can just grab and go.

- Get enough sleep. Mucho important! Grossly underestimated in these times of finding balance and doing it all, you need to make time for your sleep.

Basiclly, if you don’t have time to plan, to cook, workout and you CAN’T BLAME YOURSELF FOR THAT! Seriously, you do the best you can. Find quick solutions that works for you during times like these. The important thing is that you just don’t drop everything, start to eat crappy and fall into a circle of bad choises because you feel that you can’t do everything according to plan. The plan is to live, and life varies at times. Go with the flow and feel good! There will be times for hardcore cooking weeks, workout weeks and all of that. But be honest and realize that sometimes, you have to priorotize.

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I’m still here

My life has just been plain crazy, crazy the past week. I’m around though and I’ll be back at the end of the week… Desperately need to get myself some foodspiration. :)

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